Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Struggles of One Momma of Six

This year has been a stretch y'all...in many ways.

Our oldest girls are driving....and now they are working part-time or what feels like full-time to me (one of them is actually working 40 hours this week). This is a stretch for me...stretching my heart to let these ones go...go driving....go working...this momma is not used to girls being gone all day...wow! it really leaves a hole in the family and I am reworking the schedule and duties at home big-time!

There's been much stretching in trusting God this year...trusting God while watching your child struggle to breathe every minute...trusting God to pay the medical bills and trusting God for answers you just can't find anywhere else.

Trusting God...that's a big stretch when the rubber meets the road...it's not so bad trusting God when life is going good and you can "see"....but then that's not really trusting God is it?

But more and more I see that life is good...God is good...and there is nothing like serving Him. The more struggles we have....the easier it is to chuckle at seeming "hardships"....like a hornets' nest in the wall of your bedroom and angry stinging creatures none to pleased to take a wrong turn and find themselves in your room and not theirs! ;)

The stories of this last year could fill a book easy....and I don't ever want to forget even the tiniest detail...sewer backups, toilets plugged, window panes shattered, kitchen flooded...and life happens...and God is good!

So if God is stretching you? let Him...trust Him....it's good!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Fabulous Friday

YEAH it's Friday!!

This week has flown by! we got our carpets and ducts all cleaned out on Tuesday....this was our first full week of school although we had to take Tuesday off while our carpets were done :) We have not yet got everything fit into our schedule as we are juggling quite a bit this year but we are working on it!

Fall is definitely in the air right now....mornings are crisp and I see leaves started to change :(( I love summer!!! I do like fall but I am not a fan of cold! ;)

I am a fan of long sleeves and this shirt is super cute to help transition into that cooler weather!

I love the colours in this outfit and of course jean jackets...another great way to move into fall!

This outfit looks like a comfy, cozy great way to keep off the chill and still look pretty cute! 

I also figured out a way to use my Pinterest again! :) which is where these super cute pics came from...all credit goes to them!

have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

I just wanted to pop on and share a little about our homeschool schedule and how it works for us!

First of all...we do Abeka. Currently we are enjoying the DVD program and we do independent parent led until Grade 9 at which point we switch to accredited. This gives our graduates a recognized diploma and transcripts for whatever their future holds! :)

Our kiddos rise early...I say early because anything before 8 at least is too early for me! ha! our olders generally are up and going by 7 and the youngers do very well at getting around also. The only rule I have right now is that they have to be doing school by 8....this gets them done usually around noon with maybe one more class to finish after lunch...depends upon the child and what time they started.

After Bible class, we do a quick basic 20-30 minutes of cleaning. The girls each have an area that they are responsible for and by working together we can keep up on the mess that quickly accumulates during the day.

We take a 20 minute recess break at 10:20...and an hour for lunch.

We like to do a Bible study of some sort together so we stop around 10 for that. After lunch break we enjoy story time together...we have laughed and loved our way through so many books together!

This year we are doing music theory and French as extras...these are not done every day and if we can't fit it in every week we do not stress about it...but we do our best!

I also teach them piano and oversee violin and flute lessons. We pick the best day to work these in and do our best to stay faithful but again don't stress if life happens somedays and we can't get in all in.

The general aim is for all school to be done by 2 and most days they are done by dinner....they get free time till 4 which is "homework" time....we don't usually have much for homework but we stress preparation for the next day and making sure we have what we need to be prepared!

We all work together to help each other out whether it is asking Spelling words, doing appendix quizzes or correcting. The older girls pitch in to tutor the younger ones.

This year our 2 seniors are working their first real job and doing school...so we have a work schedule to "work" around for them....we are excited to watch them take this big step and learn how to manage a job and school at the same time. That is life....and that is what we train them for!

I am really looking forward to this year of school...we are on Day 3...we got a good early start...it almost seemed too easy this year! With homeschool there are many ups and downs during the course of the year...I am thankful that the Lord has blessed us with a good start!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Modest Monday

hello to a rainy Monday morning!πŸ’§πŸ’§

I love the rain so it's a good start to a fresh new week!

Second day of school on the go for us...we got a nice early start just the way we like it so that we can be done nice and early πŸ˜†πŸ˜ just the way we like it!

 Yesterday was a beautiful day and although you can feel fall in the air the days still retain the heat of summer! 😍

Sometimes for fresh inspiration I head to Pinterest and it never fails me...that is what I did on Saturday and put together this look for a comfortable, simple yet put-together Sunday.

I'd like to do a homeschool post this week and a new-to me business venture share....we'll see!

Have a lovely Monday!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Good morning! It's very quiet right now in my part of the world....kids are still asleep πŸ’€savouring those last lazy mornings before school starts and it's back to schedules and books πŸ˜‰

The books are starting to arrive...more due today and a few tomorrow! ohh the excitement of fresh new pages! We do Abeka and absolutely love it! Will there come a day when we switch?.....maybe but not because of the quality of the education that's for sure.

We have a couple new things we will be doing this year....we have new piano theory books and new piano books we are super excited to crack open. We have a violin series to start with a little and flute to start with the other little....who knows probably the olders will get involved just because! 😏

We have 5 grade levels on the go which keeps me hopping but it is good! Our 2 oldest are now in their very last year of high school!!!! where has the time gone? and they are starting their first "real" job out there in the big old world...oh my! These are some new changes for this Momma!😍

This last year has been full of hoops and hurdles....this move from Canada to the States....many many changes, appointments, deadlines, paperwork, places to be, and on and on. I think, though, I have crossed the final hurdle and I am now fully integrated....I passed my Driver's test yesterday πŸ˜‚ This has been haunting me since I moved here last year....I mean who wants to retake a driver's test at my age!!??? NOT ME! that's who! LOL especially when my 2 oldest are in the process of getting theirs 😏

The Academy has sprung back to life with the senior cadets arriving this week....TJ is busy getting ready to start classes and chapel starts up again this Sunday morning.

We have had a great and lovely summer...it was very busy but very good! the best one yet! We spent a couple weeks as a family in Nova Scotia while waiting for my final paperwork to be completed...we rushed home to prepare for my husband's ordination in July and then packed up to head out to Saskatchewan to sing in gospel meetings for 18 days....then home again to order up and prepare for school both at home and the Academy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Modest Monday

Another beautiful week...another week closer to school πŸ˜ƒ

Some of us are excited and some of us...not so much! πŸ˜‰

I have 2 girls in their very last year of school...I cannot believe it!  πŸ˜± It's very bittersweet..another stage of life closing...will I be able to navigate this?! I am excited for the future!

I love simple Sunday mornings....and I love these floral dresses! They are every where this year but I guess there is good reason for that!

 These long cardigans are perfect from Jane.com and I kinda want to get more colours! πŸ˜‚

Yesterday my husband was called to fill a pulpit and so we were blessed to minister at a church about an hour away...let me tell you it is a great honour to serve the Lord!

I hope to return soon with a school update, an ordination review and my new business venture!

Hope to see you here!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday What's Up

Hello Morning!

coffee is on...puppies are up, out, fed, watered, out again and asleep 😍

as is Peter.....the turtle...well, minus the asleep part!

I'm hopping on to try to catch y'all up (that's assuming you care LOL but hey at least it gets all the words out of my head!)

We arrived back from Canada on Friday and I have been trying to catch up in sleep ever since...I think for this poor nighttime sleeper it is finally happening 😴

Plenty of practice went on over the past 3 weeks....we stayed at the church below and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We helped hand out invitations

 We were privileged to sing in this gorgeous church Sunday morning!

Met up with old acquaintances...

met some new friends!

helped in the kitchen

went to the zoo!

waited backstage!

sang onstage!

It was a good time serving the Lord...not without problems but we learned a lot and would not trade this time for anything else!