Monday, March 27, 2017

Modest Monday

 hey y'all! just jumping on quickly to share my outfit yesterday 😁

as some of you may know or have already guessed I have been playing along with a March style's winding quickly to a close!

Day 27 Chic in Neutrals

I found this dress a while back at the thrift fact everything was thrifted except for the black halftee. If you have never heard of halftees....well they are simply amazing!

It was a bit of a rainy day for us here but the grass is turning green and the birds....well the birds are singing so very loudly...I just love the sound! I think I nailed this challenge...I am so neutral I match the buildings!!! 😂

See you soon!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Fashion Finds

okay so I have a few favourite places that I keep my eyes on....I am sure you have noticed! ;)

I like the prices and I so far have not been too disappointed with the quality or the shipping!

I have been on the look out for a cute chambray dress...this one popped up this week on Groopdealz and it's perty cute!

There are super cute things on this just go check it out!

My oldest daughter purchased this dress last week and I may have to "borrow" it!!😏

I think this dress would be a gorgeous piece for this summer...with some cute sandals, jean vest....soo many ways to dress this up or down!

Another item on my someday wishlist is a pair of saltwater sandals 😍 do you have a pair and do you have a place you recommend?

and I cannot decide between a tan pair or navy blue?!

hope you enjoyed coming shopping with me!

see you next week!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What We Are Up to Wednesday

#1. We are up to lesson 130 in school (a couple are on Lesson 132) and finishing up our third round of exams. That leaves us only 40 lessons left!!!!! 🙌

#2. We have been going through the process for my spousal visa and now have a date for my interview!!!! WOOHOO!!! God is amazing!!!!

#3. We do not take many breaks for school as we prefer to get done early and enjoy a longer summer vacation....but the girls have been working very hard and due to a busy schedule here I am going to give them a couple days off after we finish exams this week...😏 (I know!! I am so generous!!)

#4. My husband and I are on day 3 of working out in the gym here with the sergeant 😬 let me say that it is much easier to do hard things with other people there to encourage you and it is very apparent how very nonexistent are my stomach muscles!!! 😳 I am loving my exercise skort that I purchased a while ago from Deborah & Co! sometime I will get a better picture 😜

#5. We are heading up to a high of +21 on Friday!! cannot wait!!!!

Well that's what we are up to this week! How about you?!

See you soon!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Fashion Finds

Hey y'all! ready to go shopping with me?! 😏😉

Groopdealz and have been filled with many cute modest options this week!

Love these places for good prices as well as cute clothes!

This top would be adorable with a pencil skirt!

How about this gorgeous lace skirt that caught my eyes 😍 all week!

I have absolutely fallen in love with dresses! How about these cute options!

I'd love to buy a couple of these for my teen girls!! They are simple, fresh, feminine and cute!

Hope you enjoyed shopping with me this week!!!

See you soon!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What We are Up to Wednesday!

#1. There is snow on the ground. Colour me not impressed! 😏 I'm more than ready for sunshine and barefeet!

#2. Alas there is no time for sleeping...we are about ready to head into our third grading period exams and then.....JUST ONE MORE TO GO AND WE ARE DONE!!! By my calculations we should be done around the first or second week of May. It is easy to get discouraged right about now...I know some of my girls are feeling a bit heavy but this too shall pass...soon we will all be done and enjoying a well-deserved break!

#3. I go over to the girls barracks every Monday night and sit down with any girls who are interested and answer their questions. This past Monday two of the girls accepted Christ as their was amazing and incredible! These girls definitely need the Lord! Please pray for them...the school year is quickly coming to a close and some of these girls are graduating and some may not return...who knows? Now is the time we have to work with them!

#4. My husband is preparing for his ordination this summer...we are so very excited about this next step in serving the Lord.

#5. These girls are all growing up and it is so much fun to see their personalities blossom and bloom...they are all so very different and they certainly make our lives interesting! ;) We are hoping (fingers crossed) that my paperwork goes through very soon so that we will be able to minister in music at some camp meetings in Canada this summer!

Thanks for dropping by!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Modest Monday!

well I wasn't sure that I would get this post up today as the internet refused to connect all morning :/

It seems that it was just as surprised and disgruntled with the snow on the ground as I was...HA!

But since I cannot remember the last day we had snow on the ground and I am pretty convinced this is only like the second or third time all winter...I will take it!

I teased with promises of the inside of the chapel and so yesterday afternoon we went over and grabbed some.

All the woodwork was hand-carved by a former student to pay for his that was a LOT of work!!

 The chapel was built in 1902 with a couple of additions in 1909, 1914 and 1955.

Now what I didn't tell you was that I would photobomb every picture!! ;)))

The seating all faces the centre aisle and my husband parades up and down preaching his heart out to the cadets ;) This way he can keep a closer eye on them and put a stop to all sure does keep them on their toes! and it also discourages bathroom trips!! ;)

You can see the pipes for the organ on the left (which is really fun to play!) and what appears to be a jail on the's not! ;) it is the Mother's chapel and the bars were not originally part of the plan. This is where you will find me playing the piano on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 The picture below was taken from the of my favourite parts of this chapel is the beams in the ceiling! 💕

The big gold "thing" above the altar is usually opened up and is a picture of Jesus I is currently closed and it must be because of Easter?

 The doors of course are another of my favourite parts!

 The windows are another!! 😍 these stairs lead up to the loft and I believe the bell tower...though I have not ventured that far. The bells do go off every 15 minutes although they could use some more tender loving care!

 These swinging doors with windows in them are pretty sweet also!

 And just in case you missed the beautiful stain glass window in the're welcome!

top~thrift (Moa Moa)
skirt~thrift (Gap)

Thanks for dropping by and taking a peek at St. James Chapel with me!

See you soon!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Fashion Finds

There's some really really super cute modest clothes out there right now guys!

I mean, really guys. I used to think that dressing modestly was hard and no fun...seriously 😜

I am really loving these outfits from The Klassy Girl Boutique. I probably wear pencil skirts or knee length skirts about 98% of the time especially in the summer months. I would love to add some outfits like these to my wardrobe!

I also came across these shoes from Big Bratt Boutique...they would be perfect summer sandals for any outfit!

and I also cannot say enough about how cute and comfortable these dresses are from Neesees Dresses...I have a couple and my daughter has one. My older girls are always stealing them to wear for church. They are perfect!

Nothing to out of the way new to you but some very cute things that caught my eye this week!

See you next week!