Monday, December 11, 2017

Modest Monday!

yeah! there's snow on the ground!!!!

it's beginning to feel like Christmas around here!!

after Christmas...snow can go!!! :)

I've been working on some cozy winter tops that will keep me warm but look cute!

This top with bell sleeves and  gorgeous lace edge around the bottom was from Walmart...sometimes Walmart you surprise me! ;) I paired it with a  pinstripe pencil skirt and my wedge heeled ankle boots for church yesterday!

This tunic with plaid details is from 3Brunettes Boutique....very comfortable, super wintry (is that a word? oh well!) kinda has a Christmas vibe and I love love the plaid cuffs 💞💞

We got our first snow this past week here....I only love snow in December! 😏

quick with the pictures!!! its a bit chilly out here! 😍

there you have it! I blogged on a Monday with outfit pictures!!!
I feel accomplished despite the fact it is only Monday!

Remember both these shirts are A+ in my books!

See you soon!



  1. I love both of those shirts and so cool you have snow....coming from an AZ girl in the desert! Thanks for sharing on the Friday at the Fire Station linkup!

  2. You looked lovely. We had a sprinkling of snow just before Christmas.
    I do enjoy it in January, but I like to have clean safe roads, too!
    Be blessed my dear, you have a lovely family.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage