Monday, January 8, 2018

Modest Monday


it's been a crazy Monday guys. yo.

I don't know about you but I like new them!

fresh pages...blank days...

new beginnings....but today just went a little crazy y'all.

It's Monday...I now like Mondays for the above mentioned reasons....fresh slate, clean start with no mistakes in it.....yet!

It was our first full official day back at school for all of that's six girls in six different grades or at least 5 grades but 2 in the same but different lessons 😫

so me being all fresh starts and new chances...I was like let's make a fresh jab at the piano lessons that get to be hit and miss from week to week and then add 2 violin lessons...dust off the theory books that got put aside 2 months ago when we wait..I wanted to do a Bible course and then let's add another devotion time for the girls...we need to attack voice practice and prepare weekly offertories and at least one special per Sunday....oh wait now, I'm trying to get my business up and running which requires a plan, action and live videos 😏and then let me not forget personal music development and add meal prep, laundry and the general dull roar with 6 girls.....yes...

so you see my Monday became...well Monday.

so here I am at 7 just trying to get the rattle out of my head by jotting down these few chaotics that made up my day and hopefully Tuesday will be knight in shining armour! 😉

on to the modest part......

Sunday's black and red!

 love plaid and the fun floral back...@ Slaydon Rose

my typical everyday style...
well...there ya have it!

Modest and Monday.