Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trendy Tuesday! ;)

yupper...I'm a day late again!

but I'm hopping on today to share some of my most recent outfits happening at my house! if you are on my Facebook page then you will have already seen these...so sorry! 😏😇

This week is Thanksgiving....I am still totally Canadian here and I am not in Thanksgiving mode but Christmas instead...I mean come on people....Thanksgiving is in October....by the end of November I am dancing around the house to Christmas music and the tree is up and I'm working on that shopping list!!!!😆

We are celebrating Thanksgiving though...LOL and I'm doing a huge spread on Thursday and spending the day with dear friends eating, talking, laughing and probably playing too many games 😛

This was my cozy Sunday outfit....with fleeced lined tights!!💓 the dress was from Jane.com

I'm loving this cozy top from The Klassygirl Boutique...perfect for cooler weather and so comfortable!

plus did I mention the elbow patches?!!!💕

my typical "mom" uniform....this top is super cute and comfortable though the neck is a little funny shaped..it also came from Jane.com and has brown elbow patches!💕

sooo.. what are your plans for Thanksgiving? and are you in Christmas mode? have you got all your shopping done?

See you soon!