Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Struggles of One Momma of Six

This year has been a stretch y'all...in many ways.

Our oldest girls are driving....and now they are working part-time or what feels like full-time to me (one of them is actually working 40 hours this week). This is a stretch for me...stretching my heart to let these ones go...go driving....go working...this momma is not used to girls being gone all day...wow! it really leaves a hole in the family and I am reworking the schedule and duties at home big-time!

There's been much stretching in trusting God this year...trusting God while watching your child struggle to breathe every minute...trusting God to pay the medical bills and trusting God for answers you just can't find anywhere else.

Trusting God...that's a big stretch when the rubber meets the road...it's not so bad trusting God when life is going good and you can "see"....but then that's not really trusting God is it?

But more and more I see that life is good...God is good...and there is nothing like serving Him. The more struggles we have....the easier it is to chuckle at seeming "hardships"....like a hornets' nest in the wall of your bedroom and angry stinging creatures none to pleased to take a wrong turn and find themselves in your room and not theirs! ;)

The stories of this last year could fill a book easy....and I don't ever want to forget even the tiniest detail...sewer backups, toilets plugged, window panes shattered, kitchen flooded...and life happens...and God is good!

So if God is stretching you? let Him...trust Him....it's good!


  1. I could've written this as well! I totally understand! Praying for God's strength and mercy and grace...He is so good all the time (something I have had to remind myself so many times). God bless, Andrea
    (sorry had to comment under anonymous...I don't remember passwords to sign in under the other options :) )

  2. Hi Andrea! Praying for you guys!!