Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday What's Up

Hello Morning!

coffee is on...puppies are up, out, fed, watered, out again and asleep 😍

as is Peter.....the turtle...well, minus the asleep part!

I'm hopping on to try to catch y'all up (that's assuming you care LOL but hey at least it gets all the words out of my head!)

We arrived back from Canada on Friday and I have been trying to catch up in sleep ever since...I think for this poor nighttime sleeper it is finally happening 😴

Plenty of practice went on over the past 3 weeks....we stayed at the church below and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We helped hand out invitations

 We were privileged to sing in this gorgeous church Sunday morning!

Met up with old acquaintances...

met some new friends!

helped in the kitchen

went to the zoo!

waited backstage!

sang onstage!

It was a good time serving the Lord...not without problems but we learned a lot and would not trade this time for anything else!


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