Monday, August 14, 2017

Modest Monday

Another beautiful week...another week closer to school 😃

Some of us are excited and some of us...not so much! 😉

I have 2 girls in their very last year of school...I cannot believe it!  😱 It's very bittersweet..another stage of life closing...will I be able to navigate this?! I am excited for the future!

I love simple Sunday mornings....and I love these floral dresses! They are every where this year but I guess there is good reason for that!

 These long cardigans are perfect from and I kinda want to get more colours! 😂

Yesterday my husband was called to fill a pulpit and so we were blessed to minister at a church about an hour away...let me tell you it is a great honour to serve the Lord!

I hope to return soon with a school update, an ordination review and my new business venture!

Hope to see you here!


1 comment:

  1. Your dress is so lovely and I like the cardigan with it!