Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What We are Up to Wednesday!

#1. There is snow on the ground. Colour me not impressed! 😏 I'm more than ready for sunshine and barefeet!

#2. Alas there is no time for sleeping...we are about ready to head into our third grading period exams and then.....JUST ONE MORE TO GO AND WE ARE DONE!!! By my calculations we should be done around the first or second week of May. It is easy to get discouraged right about now...I know some of my girls are feeling a bit heavy but this too shall pass...soon we will all be done and enjoying a well-deserved break!

#3. I go over to the girls barracks every Monday night and sit down with any girls who are interested and answer their questions. This past Monday two of the girls accepted Christ as their was amazing and incredible! These girls definitely need the Lord! Please pray for them...the school year is quickly coming to a close and some of these girls are graduating and some may not return...who knows? Now is the time we have to work with them!

#4. My husband is preparing for his ordination this summer...we are so very excited about this next step in serving the Lord.

#5. These girls are all growing up and it is so much fun to see their personalities blossom and bloom...they are all so very different and they certainly make our lives interesting! ;) We are hoping (fingers crossed) that my paperwork goes through very soon so that we will be able to minister in music at some camp meetings in Canada this summer!

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