Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Peek into Our Homeschool Days

I get many questions about our homeschool should hear some of the comments we get from the cadets here on campus!

"Whaaat?! you have homework? I thought you were homeschooled!!???"   😏

I could go on and on.....but suffice it to say they all end with "I thought you were homeschooled?"


Homeschoolers are all different. Homeschools are run many different ways depending on various things. We are not all the same and that's the fun of it! We as parents get to choose what's best for our children...what works for me may not work for you! and that's a-okay!

So without further's a look at what works best for us!

We use the Abeka curriculum always have and most likely always will. I love the quality of the material, the focus on God and I love the high standard that it demands. This works in well with my OCD 😂 Education is not something I want to mess around with and I also believe that education and responsibility go hand in hand...this is the next generation I am raising here!

My olders get up and start school around 6 am...they do this of their own accord! and my littles are starting around 7:30...8:00 at the latest. As soon as the littles have completed their personal devotions and chapel period it is now chore time!

Everybody has a zone that they are responsible for with the littles teaming up with a bigger. This gives them some extra help, teaches the littles how to care for their zone and teaches the olders how to "lead"...and yes we do have some bumps along the way but that's part of growing up! We rotate through the zones every month or so.

Chore time helps us keep up with our home 'cause I don't know about you but I cannot concentrate in a mess! 😌

While the girls are up and about, I am also having coffee and devotions, checking emails and blogging, starting the laundry then piano practice.

Chore time lasts about 20-30 minutes most days...and then back to school!

By 10 we are ready for devotions with this time we are usually working through some book together and lately we have added Bible quizzes to help us with our Bible knowledge. The Lord has really blessed us with some really good books to do together...currently we are reading "Growing Up Duggar". The girls have been encouraged and inspired by their testimony and it is a fun little change of pace. I think my favourite book not pictured has been "Ready or Not"!

Around 10:20 is recess! We have a snack and if it is nice outside it's off to get some fresh air and exercise. If we stay inside, it's legos usually 😉 or baking cookies or talking and laughing together!

20 minutes later finds us back to work till dinnertime! The middles and littles help with dinner and cleanup.

Depending on the schedule for the day we get back to work around 1:00 for story time with Momma. We have enjoyed so many books together from Robin Hood to Sugar Creek Gang to Prisoner of Louisbourg and currently Land Divided! 💖

Most of the kids are done school by now or just this would be the time for French class which we love doing together!

Its free time from now until homework time at 4:00.

That pretty much sums up our normal school days!

Maybe soon I'll write a little about our weekly schedule and share some of our favourite things to do!

See you soon!


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