Monday, February 20, 2017

Modest Monday

well...we are certainly enjoying the gorgeous spring weather here in Indiana. It is supposed to be very nice all week with lower temperatures in store for next weekend. The trees are budding and the sap is running, the birds are singing and yesterday I was sitting outside in a lawn chair soaking up some old fashioned vitamin D...and it is February 20!!!! I'll take it! :)

It was a great day to spend in the house of the Lord yesterday...and the messages were so good and exactly what I needed to hear. I love how the Lord meets you right where you are every single time!

I wore this dress again but instead of coral I went with turquoise...I only wish I had picked up that gorgeous pair of mint heels I saw at Savers a couple weeks ago! ;) Mint heels! hmmm...guess that is going on my wishlist ;)

This dress appears to be out of stock at the moment as it no longer shows on the website...but since it is a new one I have high hopes that they will restock....maybe?! (fingers crossed)

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  1. Very pretty and looks so comfortable. If it was cooler, I think even a pullover type sweater would look nice with that dress. I was born and raised in IN, but live in TN now. Can't believe how warm it has been!

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