Thursday, December 8, 2016

For the Love of Floral Dresses

hey! finally a post :)

after I got internet, I then got a virus :((

my computer went crazy and since it is so full it became so slow I could not do anything!

so thankfully we were able to clean it up and get rid of the virus...I still need to free up some space so it works better but we are back in business!!! 

I have discovered a new place to find some pretty good deals on dresses. The hard part is that there are new deals everyday...eeyah! ;)

Groopdealz comes to my email every day and they have some pretty cute stuff for some pretty cute prices! This dress seems to be the exact dress that is sold by Neeses's Dresses and other similar online  sites. I got mine for about 25$ which I believe is cheaper than most other places.

It has pockets!!! which is just something cool to say because I don't find that I ever use them! lol It has long sleeves and is made with a very soft and cozy material. These dresses look great as is or add a nice cardigan,belt or scarf for a different take.

Don't ya just love the chapel doors?!! I sure do!


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  1. I love the dress and you are looking lovely. I have always loved chapel door and I once wrote a poem about them. :-) Merry Christmas!