Monday, June 20, 2016

Modest Monday

What a beautiful Monday this has been!!

This weekend I kinda hit a low and frustrating point about clothes...not mine....the six girls! ;)

It always seems like everybody is needing something all the time and for all that I go thrifting I can never keep up with them all. Yesterday getting them ready for church was frustrating for them and for me as nothing seemed to fit and what did was stained and had holes....then don't get me started on undergarments and 6 growing girls!!! eya!

Let me tell you that the Lord knows all things....even the under things! ;)

I went to Value Village today armed with my 30% off card and prayers for blessings!

The Lord had gone before and prepared the way...I came home with 2 new church dresses, 2 nighties, 2 matchy skirts, and a couple of shirts for the littles. I was excited to find 6 really nice small sized undergarments for my olders who had almost nothing!! 2 dresses, about 10 shirts and tops for them and a couple of skirts.

Thank-you Lord!

Now I am going to sort through everything and dung out so things don't seem so complicated!

Skirt~Value Village

I love my driveway!

I am planning some house posts...I like to wait until projects are completed but as that may take a while I guess I will bring you all along on the journey with my farmhouse!

We are only doing things as money and time allow so some things are going to take a while, other things are getting a bit of love and attention to hold us till we can get it done right.

One of these is the outside. We opted to do a paint job to hold us until we can do an outside reno.

I'll share some pics of that coming up!


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  1. Ironically I find some decent modest things at J. Crew & J. Crew Factory--great, great sales. Old Navy too. Use Swag Bucks to shop and save more.