Friday, January 29, 2016

Fashion Friday

i have missed my fashion posts on fridays the last couple of weeks....i have found it difficult to get everything done this month plus i have been experiencing a little health issue that has me preoccupied. I would appreciate prayers for seems so minor compared to real big health issues of dear folks i know...but i know the Lord cares about me and nothing is too small for His attention.

one thing about winter is the opportunity to wear cozy sweaters! i can't get enough ;)

 i have been trying to master the cute effortless ponytail.....i think my face shape is wrong to rock that look but it is sooo cute on others it makes me want to keep trying ;)

again with the mustard sweater that i absolutely loove!!

it is not often i choose a maxi skirt for everyday but it does is picture proof! ;)

the mustard sweater.....again....but i tell you it's perfect! ;)

any good finds for you this week?

do you have any tips for that cute ponytail? :)



  1. Your posts are always a blessing and I appreciate all the time you take with the pictures and writing. I'll be praying for your health, there is no such thing as a "little" health problem when it's happening to you.

  2. I think your ponytail looks great! I love that mustard cardigan on you too, such a nice colour.

    I hope that your health improves - health problems, no matter how big, are not easy to deal with so I pray it's only a short period before you are better.

    Away From The Blue Blog