Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Well it's been a while but hey!! I'm on vacation :)

So far we have kept pretty busy this summer and I have certainly been enjoying the heat! Trying to store as much of it as I can for winter ;)

We went camping in May and we have been working on basic upkeep of our yard and house ever since. We painted the fence, the front porch and baseboards and washed all the carpets. We built a fence to keep our dogs off the backyard so we can now work on growing grass and filling in the holes that Charlie may or may not have dug ;) We piped the sump pump to go out through the sewer as the hose running it outside kept our backyard very wet and wet=puddles=Charlie's now inspired to splash and whoops!= dig another hole!!!! :))))

The girls and I also washed walls and completely cleaned every room in our house so now we are ready and cleaned up for school!! It feels so good to have done a complete cleanup as we don't have time for much more than the basics once we start school. We have also been trying to whittle away at our possessions...my rule has been that if we can't keep the house tidy then we must have too much stuff :)

The first of July brought an unexpected trip to NS for TJ and I...it was short and quick but we enjoyed it immensely. We also were able to bring back stacks of good books to add to our library!!!

Next month we have DVBS and then a week or two of vacation time. We still haven't decided what we are going to do but I'm sure we will get that figured out! ;)

I recently joined a facebook group called Modesty for the Modern Mom and have enjoyed the ideas and encouragement from this group of ladies! It is hosted by Caroline Allen from the Modest Mom blog...it has been great challenge to make different outfits with the clothes I have and see what I can come up with :)))   Here are some of my everyday looks for the past week.

This was a new dress I recently found at VV! It is not often one can find a dress that is long enough...I was very excited!

How's your summer going?!

Blessings, HeidiJ


  1. I love the dress and most all of your outfits for that matter. If you ever clean out your closet I'll take anything you don't want. :-)

  2. visiting from modest mom Monday, also a member of the fb group. You do a great job putting together outfits for the week. And I too feel the need to "spring" clean in the summer before school starts. I don't homeschool, but I do like to start the year off with a clean slate so to speak. Have a good weekend.