Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day Matchy!

I love Mother's Day and I love my girls!

This year we were able to enjoy our day matching and it was even more special! :)

Walmart provided us with delightful navy blue polka dot pencil skirts and though we would have liked  the perfect blouse to go with them we came up empty in our we raided each others closet and did the best we could! ;)

(Not exactly sure what's up with the wind these days....but it sure is windy! The days are usually gorgeous and sunny but that wind still has a nip to it!)

 Turquoise or mint or whatever you would like to call this very beautiful colour is one of our current faves to wear....and with navy blue?! you just can't get any better! :) unless it's with gray!

These girls as they get older become more and more like girlfriends and it's pretty special! Thankfully we were blessed with 3  more youngers that will be there for me when the olders have moved along though they tell me they don't plan on leaving anytime soon!!

Though my youngers missed out on pictures that day, I was certainly blessed to receive their little homemade cards and hearts and cute messages of love!

I never dreamed I would have 6 girls but I'm soo glad that God planned this for's perfect!

At our house, Mother's Day is not just about's about all our girls. We all have the potential for motherhood whether married, single, young or old, whether we struggle with infertility or not, whether we have our own children or whether adoption was our journey. We are women. God created us for a special purpose. Everybody's journey is unique so no matter what your path is we hope you had a blessed day celebrating!


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