Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday!

today i thought i would share with you some of my favourite finds that I have found :)

i always find clothing and footwear at my value village...

but i've also found some awesome treasures that made me do a quick gasp as i quickly poked it into my cart (inside i feel like doing a happy dance but i have to  maintain my grown-up status you know!)

top fav pampered chef chopper!

pampered chef stoneware

i love blue...this set of dishes was absolutely darling :)

i started collecting these...

a very pretty bowl

and the cutest old fashioned pitcher
i  load my cart with everything that catches my eye especially since i usually have 30% off ;) then when i am all done i sort through my cart and keep only the must haves....quite a few things get put back as i hate buying junk ;) and only want treasures ;)

it's almost time to be leaving on our vacation!!! we can hardly wait....though it was bittersweet to say goodbye to our puppy this morning ;( we are glad to know that she will be safe and sound with a dear friend who is a dog trainer and has 5 dogs of her own. lexi will get some more training and be socialized...i just wish there was someway to let her know we are coming back to get her!

stay tuned for further adventures!


  1. Hi!!!
    Can you post a picture of your dog on your blog? What kind is she? Where are you going on vacation?
    Hope you check out my blog and follow by email! That would mean alot to me. :) I hope you leave a comment if you would like. :) Thanks alot!!!!
    Love your sister in the Lord,
    This is my blog.

    1. Hi Ashley! thanks for stopping by :) I will check out your blog...I love finding new friends and sharing.

      Our dog is a golden labrador retriever and I guess I'll have to do a special post just for her ;)

      Our vacation post will be coming soon! ;)