Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thrifty Thursday!

Because I looove thrift shopping I thought it would be fun to share some of my finds each week. Now I would love to go shopping every week... it doesn't usually happen. Since most everything I have in this house has come from VV or some other second hand place, kijiji or buy sell advertisements I think I will find plenty to share most weeks.

I often say to my girls "you can find everything you want if you just have patience". I keep a list on my phone of things that I am looking for and I just keep going and keep looking. Some things I find the very next time I go and that just tickles me greatly because it shows me that God cares even about my crazy little things and loves to provide them for me :) Some things I may not find for several months or even a year later.

To start my first post I will share 2 things.

My first find was one of those that I found the very next time I went out. I get much inspiration from Pinterest and I saw this chunky necklace that I really I added it to my list :) I went to VV just a couple days later and guess what I found?! Yupper....

My second item I have actually been looking for since last fall...I almost caved in several times and bought them from a store or two when I saw them but I wanted higher quality and so thankfully I waited. I search a couple buy sell papers for our area and last week I finally found just what I was looking for...high quality, second hand, and good price!

These boots are lovely for the upcoming fall weather...they pair well with skirts and dresses since they are not big and clunky and they have just a touch of old-fashion which I loove! I am sure that you will see them coming up in a modest Monday post ;)

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