Monday, September 29, 2014

Modest Monday!

This outfit was a challenge issued by my oldest. I've had this blouse and skirt since high school and was going to pass it daughter curled her nose up at the blouse and I was astonished and told her how cute and pretty it was!!! She still didn't get it and with her usual spunk declared "well then, SHOW me how cute it can be and I'll see!" Challenge accepted! (I'm sure that puffed sleeves never go out of style right?! or am I entering that "mom's not cool zone"?)

The girls and I were able to attend the 50% off sale at our local thrift store and even though I usually do not find anything there this time we walked away with several coats and fall jackets for the girls.

This brown coat was the one thing I brought home because it has a cowboy/old-fashioned look about it and right away I knew TJ would like it as it also matches his slicker. I  knew that paired with my long blue skirt, blouse with the high-neck and puffy sleeves and my new little boots, it would complete my old-fashioned look :)

 I love this the back it has a little detail that sorta looks like my petticoats should be there :) I wish I had some ;)...I just wish it was a little longer for the full old-fashioned look. :)

 I received many compliments on this outfit husband declared I was a blast from the past since he remembers seeing it in high school :) I added my braided belt to help keep my shirt tucked in as it is  a little shorter than I like and the reason I was passing it on.

 Here's my oldest!

 and a cute random picture..these 2 are always posing for me!


  1. I think the shirt is very cute! Good job accepting her challenge!

  2. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are my two favorite colors/favorite color combo EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!