Monday, September 8, 2014

Modest Monday!

Well......I hate to say this but this morning we are getting wet, snowy stuff....did ya catch that? wet snowy stuff!!!!???? yup.....not a typo! I am feeling the urge to move south. It's now been added to my prayer list. Stay tuned :)

I have been on a couple trips to VV this month. TJ had a return to make and they only do exchanges so I was forced to find a couple things ;) It wasn't very hard. I always check out the skirts and was lucky to find not one but two of my favourite brand of jean skirts which is Contrast. These are so very comfortable and very dressy looking. I am wearing one in the pictures below though you can't see it very well.  :( I've really got to work on better pictures..maybe I need to find a better spot to take them.
Anyway I also found this polka dot is a high low blouse and buttons all down the back. Since the back hangs down quite low I knotted the end and wore it like that. TJ really thought this outfit was cute...which makes it a keeper in my mind :)

As I said fall is in the air here in the West....I refuse to say winter. ;) With that in mind and the need to keep myself from getting too chilly I needed to adapt my outfit for cooler weather. I got this coral pencil skirt from VV which I was very excited to find as I am looking to add more color to my wardrobe and pencil skirts are one of my favourite things :) I am now searching for a mint colour one! Anyway I wore a striped long sleeve shirt, accessorized with black shoes and beads and added a newtome jacket. This one is a perfect fit and was from H&M though I got it for a steal at VV for $3.99 :)

I am thinking I will do a VV haul reveal coming up....I have found a few lovely treasures that simply thrill my soul!

We are now on Lesson 17 in school and it's been great so far. With teaching, correcting, grading, teaching 6 piano lessons and theory,voice lessons, housework, meal planning and work I have resorted to coffee to keep me! I have made 2 batches of mustard pickles and one batch of relish with more to come today. It's great to feel productive!

Trust you all are having a great week...I would love to hear from you!


  1. I read your blog so faithfully, I should leave more comments for you. I always enjoy seeing the outfit you put together. It inspires me as I try to get wardrobe together again after maternity clothes for the past few months. ! I know how much work it is to keep up with a blog. Thank you.

    1. hi Vanessa! I should leave comments also on your blog..I love to see your little ones and what y'all have been up to :) It is nice to hear that some enjoy the outfit posts because sometimes I wonder if I should stop since it seems like I like taking pictures of myself and posting them online :) but you know it really is encouraging for my girls to see they don't have to look frumpy to be modest!

  2. Yo, Heidi!
    Does this exquisite VV happen to carry modest skirts with assymetrical hemlines? I love those things, but my biannual forays to our local thrift store has not supplied any of them in my size.
    BTW, we are reveling in a few more days of bare-feet-and flip-flop weather here. I am not fighting jealousy regarding your weather. Yikes!
    ---Kathy D

    1. the exquisite VV would of course satisfy your cravings for such skirts if you were patient and consistent...I'm afraid biannual trips there would continue to disappoint. A true thrift shopper which I proudly consider myself to be ;) knows that one must go often and keep a running list of things to look for and you will be successful eventually. Since I am planning on being home next month, I will see if I can find any such skirts to bring you :)