Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last Hurrah!

Well...we had plans that fell through so come Labour Day Monday TJ and I were scratching our heads for something we could do special for the kids. At this point we had completed 2 weeks of school and we wanted a day for them to relax and have fun.

Enter mini golf! We packed up and headed out with no real plan except for golf.

All of our kids loooove mini golf and had a blast!

Rikki got a hole in one!

We had plenty of time for pics throughout as we waited for the folks in front of us....thankfully we seemed to be pretty quick ourselves despite the fact there was 8 of us doing each hole :)

food court time!

There was an African exhibit to walk through showing how children live so we did that also because it was free :)

Then we took the kids to have a few rides...there was some bumper car fun!

Dad and Margie braved the roller coaster that went upside down several times!

There was a flying galleon ride and a carousel ride with another round of bumper cars to finish. They also rode the hot air balloon Ferris wheel. It was a very fun day and we are planning another field trip to the mini golf course sometime later this year :)

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