Friday, August 22, 2014

Adventures in the Mountains Finale!

A lovely photo dump of the rest of our adventures and time in the mountains a couple of weeks ago.

Beautiful moutain scenery!

 We took off into the woods to have a look at the old foundations that are left from the original town of Brule...they are perfect photo spots and you better believe we took advantage of that :)

original steps to the hotel I believe it was...imagine the stories they could tell!
 It is fun to fool around with the pictures.....

Woody by another old foundation...possibly the hospital?

moss covered stone walls are the best!

 Rocks that have come down the mountainside....makes for good rock hunting!

 Further down we had fun exploring the old graveyard...I have no idea why I love graveyards but I do.
I want to know everything about the people there....what their story is, how they lived their life and everything else about them.  I looove history.



the oldest...the youngest

love this picture!

I sneaked this picture in the middle of his message ;)
some good practice going on here...

nothing like a friend to be a pillow on the trip home!
Some of these pics don't want to go where I put them on my page but you'll have to bear with me!

School has been going for a week now and I hope to have school pics done up soon!

Another adventure is getting put on the schedule and you bet we will be back soon!



  1. I love the sepia coloured one of you and the girls! It's perfect! :) ~Jess :)

  2. My fave too, Jess.

  3. thanks guys! it's definitely a framer :)