Thursday, July 24, 2014

My new Fav Cleaners

A couple of years ago I decided we needed to make the switch from store bought cleaners to ones that didn't contain so many badforyou things....I  bought Melaleuca and I looove the products that we used from them such as Solumel, Melagel, and No Work shower spray. I bought into the makeup line and really liked those also. These are very nice products but inorder to keep my membership I found I was paying more each month then I really needed to or could afford and so I opted out. I am still using up my supply of products and we are almost what was I to do now? I really hated buying back into products with overwhelming smells and bleach chemicals that I didn't want in my house or around my children especially one with asthma. We noticed a big change in her after switching and I didn't want to go back.

I started making our own laundry detergent using the Duggar recipe with a few minor changes of my own. A ten pack of ivory soap, one large box of washing soda and another of borax were all I needed for my new venture. That was over a year ago and I am still using the aforementioned ingredients with PLLLEENNNTY left. That's a money saver for sure! The only thing that was disappointing was the lack of fresh, clean smell that I love....I remedied that by buying Downy Unstoppables in-wash scent booster. I sometimes add it directly to my new batch of laundry soap or add it to my wash load. Voila! fresh smell! :)
Now I needed more more research was called for. Enter Blue Dawn dish detergent. This stuff is great!  Mixed with white vinegar and baking soda there is not much that I can't clean with this stuff :)

I just add a half in half mixture to one of these scrubbies and keep it in the bathroom. This stuff is great for soap can spray it on and let it set for a few minutes (but don't let it dry) and then wipe it off! I prefer the scrubbie thing because more often than not I get doing something else and wait too long and it has dried on and then takes more effort getting it off :)

I use blue dawn to scrub all my floors and as a stain remover. I have yet to try it as a window cleaner and for washing the dog but I'm pretty confident it will work well!

Last but not least I use coconut oil not only for cooking with but also as a face scrub mixed with baking soda and I rinse it around in my mouth called oil pulling and folks this stuff really does whiten your teeth as well as pull out toxins from your body :) I use it in my hair every so often as a treatment to moisturize it.

So far all this has saved us a great deal of money in cleaners and that alone makes me smile! Go ahead and try it for yourself and let me know what ya think!


  1. I make my own cleaners too!! I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Sometimes I think that I'm the only weird "hippie" out there. hee hee I had tea tree oil and/or lavender essential oil to the baking soda, soap and vinegar mixture for extra disinfecting power and a little bit of scent.

  2. Sorry, I meant I ADD tea tree oil... instead of had. Oh, my "mummy brain" !!