Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Pallet Project!

I sold one of the bookshelves we did last summer for school so this year I was in need of another. This time we made it a little narrower and I like it better for books.
I wanted to do something just a little bit different also....last time I simply sanded and stained so to change it up a bit I stained the back and whitewashed the rest :) I like it because even though it's a bit different it still goes with everything else.

She is now standing proud in the classroom waiting for the book orders to arrive! :)


  1. You made it from a pallet? Is it 2 boards wide? I have a ton of ideas for Hazen and a guy at our church can get us the pallets...so I am just waiting on guys now haha. I love this bookshelf!

  2. yes...all the projects on here are made from pallets...except for the furniture that I just redid of course :)
    free wood can't beat that!