Thursday, July 31, 2014

Girls' Day Out

A couple of weeks ago  two of our girls were invited out to Fort Edmonton Park for the day. They were to array themselves in old-fashioned attire for visiting the fort and pack a picnic lunch.

here they are enjoying the train ride....

Margie, I'm sure, was keeping them all in line

at the church they all sang hymns and attracted folks in :)
I do have a video of some of their singing which will be posted on facebook...for some reason it is not loading here.

enjoying a picnic lunch that had to be packed in an old-fashioned way


my them!


They really enjoyed the day and came home full of smiles and talk of adventures!

All photos courtesy of Miss Marge and her ipod :) Thanks girl!


  1. That is so cute!! Looks like tons of fun!! This is the was us who wrote the other day...sorry it was anonymous..we should have let you know who we were...We love to keep up on your blog!!