Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Curly Hair! current curly hair routine. I have been around the block on this one let me tell you! I have naturally curly hair that loves to frizz and go wild :) and like most I have always wished for straight. Then I discovered the joys of the straightener and invested in a nice hot one from Winner's and this baby enabled me to straighten my hair in about 10-15 minutes. As I have ahem gotten older some of the curl has left my hair..I'm not sure whether to be sad or do a happy dance! Anyway...I always notice others and their curly hair so for the past little while I have determined to get to the bottom of this frizz control perfect curl routine that must be possible and work with what the good Lord gave me. :)

I usually comb my hair with a wide-tooth comb as I wash....not after... very important! Use a t-shirt for drying my hair and never rub but scrunch and squeeze :) Then I just put in my mousse and sometimes I air-dry and sometimes I use the diffuser. I have had perfect results with this routine and then again not so much...I think it depends on how much mousse I put in.

My current and by-far favourite is to wash..put in some mousse...spray in some heat tamer and go to bed! Before I always had to do my hair from start to finish or it would be a mess :) talk about bed-head!

The next morning I brush my hair which normally is a huge no-no for curly hair ;) divide it in half as if I were going to do 2 braids or ponytails...start on one side and taking one section at a time wrap around my curling rod, hold for 15 secs and let go. Voila! Curls! Each side I get about 6-7 sections...taking smaller sections will give you tighter curls and bigger sections wave like curls.

After I have finished both sides I lightly run my fingers through and style it the way I want...I will sometimes tease around the top to give it some volume and do my bangs.

This pic above would be the finished product on day 1 and the pic below shows the day after. I will have curly hair or at least waves until I wash it again. Second day curly hair and even third day hair is really fun for doing messy buns, messy buns with side braids, side fishtail braids, waterfall braids look really nice with this curly hair or just a fancier ponytail. There is so much you can do with it and the curly hair gives you more volume and texture to work with.

Annnd..this is how I've been doing my hair for those of you who wished to know and for those of you who didn't well you got to the end! :)

My schoolroom is coming together and we just got 11 boxes of books yesterday....a schoolroom reveal will be in order I'm thinking :)

Two of our girls were able to go on an outing a couple weeks ago and I will be sharing some pics about that also!

Come back and visit again soon!



  1. We so much enjoy looking at your blog. It's so encouraging and so much fun to see the different interesting ideas you share. Thank you so much! :-)

  2. I am so glad to hear that thank you for your encouraging words! :) I would love to know who you are? :))