Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Woes of an avid bookworm....

I was an avid bookworm...still am if I have the time to indulge.

I have been married for almost 15 years...I have moved almost as many times and never ever in all that time have I ever been able to unpack all my books at the same time. Ever. :)

Each house we've entered has had a storage area full of totes and boxes full of books.

I have 6 girls...one of them is also an avid bookworm and the others not to be left out also collect :) so between the 7 of us we have managed to accumulate a ton of books :) Since our shelving has always been limited we have only ever been able to display our very favs... :)

Presenting.....the toils of Labor Day weekend...ironic ;)

School at home this year was the greatest factor for getting these beauties built...2 shelves were obtained from friend and another was given to us so now we are able to get most if not all of our books unloaded PLUS school stuff organized.

my little shelf...

shelf organizing school stuff and some music...the bottom 2 drawers of the filing cabinet are also full of music :)


The point of this rambling post was the completion of my pallet bookshelves :) and just in case you missed that here they are again :)

Next up is my pallet coffee tables....2 actually but don't tell TJ yet ;) and a hall table.....

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