Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life's not always fair...

sooooo...I was talking with another a couple days ago and as per usual our conversation turned to kids, funny how that is ;)

well I was all on fire about how I had just finished dunging out, organizing, cleaning, making beds up, arranging and otherwise beautifying my girls' rooms. After explaining all I had just finished I then added that my girls were all excited at the turn around that occurred in their bedrooms and the giggles and laughter and "momma, our room is soo pretty now" thrilled my soul and theirs until I turned around and said something like this, "see! your room CAN look pretty and this is how I EXPECT YOU TO KEEP IT"....picture faces with a tiny bit less excitement and add a drop of shock! muahahaha

My friend looked at me and said yeah right...I've done that also and it's lasted about as long as matching socks or something like that.

Not to be discouraged I replied oh I've been there done that also but this time I've had it...they are doing it right or I'm going through with a garbage bag....and yes my kids know that ;)

My friend then asked me a question that got me thinking about the how, whys and therefores of what I had just done and declared. The jist of it was what to do when siblings make a mess in bedrooms that aren't theirs, especially younger ones. HMMMMMMMMMM.....

I immediately began to rethink my plan of attack...(because that's what I do)....well if that's what she is doing then maybe it's something I should be doing.


After I began to think I remembered something very important and again the thrill and excitement of what I was doing returned and most of all...peace, peace that I was ok and I was not being "mean" to my girls but that I was in fact doing them a favour :)


Life's not always fair.

#1. My job everyday is cleaning up messes that I didn't make....welcome to the real world.

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Marriage/relationships have not a thing to do with kids and if that's the only reason why somebody feels the need to be married, they shouldn't be aiming for either.

#2. There is not going to be someone following you around to make sure you have the biggest piece of cake, the best seat,the biggest paycheck, the nicest office, the prettiest  house or to make sure everyone you meet treats you kindly with respect and never hurts you. You are going to have to learn how to handle yourself in all kinds of situations and I want my girls to control their emotions and also learn the value of work.

#3. Siblings should  be taught respect for each other and each other's belongings...I get that...I teach that and I do try to be fair but sometimes it just means you have to clean up a mess you didn't make.

There you have it....and now I'll leave you with some humour :)

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  1. Hi Heidi,
    I came to your blog through Victoria's. I had such a good laugh over the little quote with the definition of "Mother" ...totally sums up my day. It is nice to be able to get a glimpse of your life. I can't believe how the girls are growing.

  2. Love that last "card"!!! except I never did it to my children as I really liked their middle names:))