Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fruits of labour...#2

This lovely shelf was my very first ever redo...ever! I don't have an original to show you but it was just plain wood which I sanded down and stained with colonial wood...the kids may or may not have coloured on it here and there ;) and another redo was called for (they never have to scream my name too loudly anyway). Currently it seems to be white or black these days and another stressed piece was added to my growing family.

The olders have had this dresser for many years and its original paint job has become an eyesore...I've been wanting to get this project completed for a couple years and finally fit it in this summer...
I also enlisted the girls' help and introduced them to my gal pals...the sander and paint brush ;)
This project didn't turn out exactly as my mind envisioned or pinterest promised ;) but nevertheless it looks waaaay better than it did and the girls are I guess it was a score after all.

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