Sunday, April 15, 2012

Perfect Love

He loved her though she did not know Him
Loved her so His life He gave.
On that cruel cross He suffered
All for her that price He paid.
Then He waited and He watched her
Loved her so He never pushed.
Patiently He lingered near her
In the shadows for her time.
Then one day He heard her crying
Then He came and caught her tears
Then He drew her ever near Him,
Then He said, “It was for you”.
Now she comes in all His glory;
Now she comes His spotless bride.
All the wedding guests have gathered
All the feast has been prepared.
He has promised to protect her,
To love her and her needs supply.
She has given Him her heart’s love,
And in His hands has placed her life.
Today’s the day they will remember,
Today’s the day their life will start.
God has blessed this precious union
It’s been founded on His love.

-HJones (written for a friend at her wedding)

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