Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a Two Hot Chocolate Day.....

Blahhh...I'm having a Monday morning! Sorry it's just one of those down days.......

My husband flew to the other side of the country last night.


I did NOT want to do this....not even for a little!

And yet, here I am!

No...I am not a military wife....I have the highest regard for those ladies! I just did a 9+ week alone without TJ and I just did not even feel like doing even the smallest separation again....not one little bit.

Now I've always been one to stand for myself and declare that I am not one of those helpless females who just can't function by themselves...I am very much independent and self-sufficient but you know I am married!! I like having him there to take care of the garbage, pump up the tires, fill 'er up with know, take care of all the minor major catastrophes like plugged toilets, lightbulb thieves fairies, stuck garage doors, 6 situations that have to be dealt with RIGHT now!(who are these kids? and why are they calling me mom!) and of course, things that go bump in the night ;) I have a problem also...I am ALWAYS COLD!! ALWAYS! like in the middle of the summer on a supposedly hot summer day....I will have goosebumps!!! I am the dork in flipflops and a hoody :D and I just cannot keep warm in way, no how! and yet I am also that one that just HAS to sleep with one leg out! All these things are just tragic! ;)

Aaaannnnnnyyyyywwwaaaayssss.....despite my whining :) my weekend was pretty amazing! I did a bunch of baking.....

I bought 2! new polish colours by Essie.....

TJ took us out to Smitty's for dinner before he left.....what 4 year old do you know that chooses!!! a salad to go with her burgers??!!! silly bug!

Our pastor is away on a missions trip....TJ has had the opportunity to preach twice while he's been gone. Last night I got to listen to my husband....(this was not from last night....and he may be singing in this pic...but hey! ya get the idea!!)

I added this to my nightly face routine....liking it!

Soooo....I guess I do have some blessings to count to help chase away those Monday blues. I better finish up and get going on organizing pictures, working on the finances and budget plan and get ready for the rest of my kiddos landing home from school!

Happy Monday bloggers!



  1. I'm missing my man by the time 6:00 rolls around every night! I can't imagine having to go weeks on end without him! Know that I'm thinking and praying for you! LOVE the polish colors you got! :-)
    -Vicki McFarland

  2. Prayers of peace, Heidi! I hope the time passes quickly. I love the Olay 7 and I love the definity color recapture, also! It's the one with the foundation in the mix, LOVE it!

  3. Your cookies look yummy! Thanks so much for putting our button on your blog! It means so much to us!

  4. Thanks girls! this time he hopes to be home early early early Friday not a long time this time around but after having him gone so long just a few weeks ago, I just was not the least bit into even a week! :)