Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Days!

Dear World,

I loooove,love,love Value Village days....they are sooo exciting! Anticipation of what treasures I will find there simply is thrilling :D and yes, today was my value village day! Some folks trash talk my VV...with their talk of higher prices but hey! at least its a lot cheaper than buying brand new which I almost never ever do....and besides I would probably never just go to some of those stores like H&M cause, well, let's face it...I'm a mommy of 6 on a limited budget :) VV gives me the thrill of cheaper prices and a vast assortment of stuff to look through including all those brand name treasures....best stress relief EVER!

What's even more cool and makes going to VV even better is their 30% off stamp cards!!! For every 5$ you spend you get a stamp..fill up your card and get 30% off on your next visit! With my big family it makes it totally worth it for me!!!!! I'm all about saving a few bucks :)
I have more than just one!!!! :D
I looove decorating..inside or out! My husband thinks I'm crazy ;) but seriously the man-cave he would be living in ;) lol  I loove looking through everything and finding that perfect "thing" for that particular "spot". Today I found a lantern...something I have always been wanting but never finding!
now I just need to find the perfect red candle to place inside!
A while ago I bought a white duvet for our bed.....I like white but unfortunately white is not the best or easiest colour to keep neither is it easy to stuff that huge thing in the washer and get it all washed or dried soooooo today I found a really really niiice duvet cover AND it was navy blue! Me looove navy blue...someday when I finally get a house I can do whatever I want...there will be a blue room!!! I am washing it right now but I will show you what it looks like when I get it all arranged :)

Here's a few of my other finds...not all these were from today but I may have just got a little excited in my support of VV and just how awesome a place it is! ;) and remember I got 30% off each item :D
nice frames...2$

cool pillow....$2.50

cute shoes..$4

Sugar Creek Gang books...not todays find but one of my proud finds :)

sweet pic for my bathroom...$3.50

red purse...not todays find but a fun one

and a red wallet....girls have to match you know!
Sooooo...I am home now (obviously Im blogging..duuuh) washing my duvet cover and the rest of the clothes I bought annnnnd I've been promising myself I would make some donut holes....guess I better get at it!

See ya soon,

PS. My blog needs a spring clean and a makeover....hmmmmmmm :)

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