Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 is the loneliest number..... marks the seventeenth day that our Daddy has been gone. My feelings on this subject are varied to say the least. When people ask me how I'm I show my sad loneliness??? or do I "buck up" and accept responsibility?? Do I say that I can't do this alone? or do I actually admit that I am doing ok?? I guess it's all in the perspective you choose to take......most people (in my opinion) want me to say that I am lonely and not doing "ok" rather than hear me say that we are doing fine. I guess maybe it sounds like divorce is right around the corner ;) Please don't get me wrong here.....and try to follow my not so logical thinking. :) I miss TJ like you wouldn't believe.....and so do all my littles! But let's face a few facts here......

#1. If he has to be gone...what is the point of wallowing around day and night in loneliness??? really folks I have had those days.....everything seems sad.....lonely....and let me tell you this, NOTHING GOES WELL!!! my patience is frustration quickly poor littles pick up on that mood and then....we are ALL having a miserable time!

#2. If he has to be gone.....why not make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed you right now?! I mean really...I can choose to mope around for the entire time he is gone and make myself and all my girls miserable  OOOOOR we can PARTY!!!!  With Daddy gone, our schedule can be a little more relaxed...supper doesn't have to be on time...and neither does it have to be healthy and nutritious ;) We can have sleepovers with each other ( I have 2 in my room!) We can choose to spend the time being content! we really can....and it doesn't mean that TJ and I are ready to call it quits ;)

#3. TJ and I are a team.....a team that years ago didn't exactly work together well ;) but a team that has grown closer and closer over the know, we actually wear the same yoke now ;) and our furrows are heading in the same direction ;) My job in our tag team is the home and the kids....while his is to provide for us. We are simply doing our jobs albeit miles apart right now. I cook, clean, take care of the girls, do homework, oversee practice, do the shopping, drive the truck, fill it up with gas and on and on...I can do all these things, I have been doing all these things and will continue (God willing) doing all these things! Not much has changed except the geographical aspect of it :) TJ is working hard around the clock providing for our family...and also so that he can return soon!

#4. God gives more grace when the burdens grow greater....and there is no way I could do this if it wasn't for that! God has challenged me to use this time apart to grow closer to Him and make some changes in my has been a refreshing time!

Is it always easy? no
Is it always fun? no
Would I choose to live like this? no
Would I prefer to have TJ at home??????? SERIOUSLY!!! are you expecting me to answer that one???!!!!! :)

We miss our Daddy like you wouldn't believe!!! but we are doing ok! :)

Hurry home Daddy! Everything's just soo much better when you're there!

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