Friday, January 27, 2012

and then there were 7.....

Well...I guess it's been a while since I've had a chance to blog. Nothing much had happened since Christmas and New Years and then with a bippety changed. Daddy got a job to go do in NEWFOUNDLAND!!!! a matter of days he was gone for, well.....we are not exactly sure, maybe 4 weeks, maybe 5.....and we hope not any longer than that! Meanwhile the girls and I are holding down the fort...keeping to our routine and counting down the days. Our Grampie Roy came to visit us for a bit...the girls are always happy to have company and it helped having him here the first few days Daddy was gone. Bug is sleeping with Momma these days and she leaned her head over one night and softly whispered " Is Daddy never coming back?!" about heart ache! I assured the little darling Daddy would be home but he had to finish his job first. It helped and she looks on my phone every day to see where Daddy is on the map. The other morning she cuddled up next to me and said " I hope Daddy's doing ok"...she's such a sweetie with a heart that's bigger than she is!
I just had to insert this one's my fav of my Buggy!

The girls are doing awesome in school and report cards are out again next Wednesday...can hardly wait to see the results of another 9 weeks of hard work :) We got school pictures back last week and of course now I have an excuse to go out and find some perfect frames...I can hardly wait!

as if flute, violin and piano practice wasn't enough...three recorders for music class got added to the mix ;)

Woody hard at work in writing class

TJ was sitting in Tim Hortons...a man behind him sketched him :)

Woody's class

and again....making noise for having a good day!

Margie..Grade 6

Melanie... Grade 6

Carole...Grade 4

Kristen...Grade 2

I have had the fun fun fun of being able to go to Value Village a couple of times recently....I have needed new tops like crazy and have managed to find some really cute ones (I think)..maybe I will post some pics of some new outfits I've put together! It sure makes getting up in the morning so much more exciting when one has something new to wear....I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! ;)


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  1. Tell your little "Buggy" that it's been nice to have her daddy visiting our church while he's here :)
    Awesome school pics!!