Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Put on? Put off?

Have you heard sermons entitled "Five steps to......." or "3 Steps for....." and so on? Could it really be as simple as "put off" and "put on"? I think so!! I see no seven step sermons in the Bible do you?

Last night's message was soo good. It was on grieving the Spirit found in Ephesians 4: 30-32. The reason we have no victory in our lives and no power in prayer is basically because we are "quenching the spirit" who dwells within. He cannot and will not work within us if we have unconfessed sin in our lives or He is not in control and we are not listening to Him.

Don't let bitterness dwell in you festers and grows and becomes anger and then clamor. No longer is it quiet but soon it has grown soo big it spews out your mouth!!! Ephesians 4 : 31 gives us the progression of ends with evil speaking!!! This quenches the Spirit's power in your life!! Bitterness will result in refusing to forgive......not forgiving others will quench the power in your life. If you refuse to forgive another God will not forgive know why???? Cause God loves that other person just like He loves you!!! He is listening to their prayers as well as yours!!! I had never thought of this that way :/

Verse 32 simply says "and be you kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another..." no 3 steps here!!! Simply stop this and do that!!! Get down on your knees....ask for forgivenss for grieving the Spirit....give him back control...give Him the throne of your heart....get up and forgive others and see the Spirit work in your heart and life!!!

This was the message to my heart last night...bitterness and angry words oh how I need the victory!!! I want power in prayer and power in my life every day!!!

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