Friday, March 11, 2011


So I thought I would share this funny story that happened just a week or so ago:

We have a lady that comes to our church quite often. She is from India? I am guessing here and wears the traditional clothing and has a very thick accent. She is a great prayer warrior and is always witnessing to others. Anyway, she approached TJ at church and asked him how many children we had. TJ responded, "6 girls". She looked at him and promptly replied," I am going to pray you have a boy." TJ then proceeded to tell her about our which she replied, "If you want a boy God can overrule such things, I am still going to pray you have a boy. Tell your wife to stay away from salt and exercise, exercise every day! very important!" and then she walked away. TJ is still picking his chin up off the floor....LOL!!! sooooooooooooo will there be a bouncy baby boy in our future??!! you tell me....

In other news.....weeeelll there isn't any!! :) we are still waiting on our mortgage results... oh BTW does anyone know of anyone who would be willing to "loan" us a downpayment? hahhaha
I read somewhere that this person was praying for somebody to "finance" a purchase for his family and I thought "I should do that!!" hahhahaha so we are moving but as of yet don't know where or if we will be renting or trying to buy. I am trying to rest in peace that God has everything under control...not always easy for me.

Looking forward to the revival meetings starting on Sunday!! can't wait...praying for a whole new me!! a complete change of heart and spirit and that the Lord would work in the hearts of my girls....

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