Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have a friend I would like to introduce to you all...her name is Belle. She's getting old though don't tell her I said so. She has been a faithful friend for the last 3 years or so and it is getting time for her to retire, but alas she can't go just yet for we rely on her soo much. OK,OK, she's not really a person...she's our van :) She is a hypochondriac and she is always teaching me lessons. Every day she is sure will be her last...and the slightest things will cause her to shut down.....a door left open for 5 minutes will cause her battery to go dead and she will need a boost to get going again...lights left on or a dvd player going for only a matter of minutes will be enough to send her hiding under the hood and you will have to go haul her out and give her a good talking to..I have done this many times but the poor dear is such a worry-wart..she never listens ;)

Many, many, many times I have packed the kids up and loaded them in only to hop in and turn the nothing!!! I can tell you honestly this is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!and I have lashed out at poor Belle many times. Tis then I tell myself I must take it from the Lord. He does not want me to go out, at least not at this time....maybe I should wait, maybe I am getting ahead of His plan, maybe He is keeping me from going to keep me from an accident,etc. Instead of being frustrated I should stop and pray. This is one lesson I am learning from Belle.

And then I think about how much I am like poor much does it take to run my battery down? am I going to shut down at the slightest test? how quickly do I hide under my hood? :) how much do I really trust the Lord, my master mechanic?

Then.. how often do I "plug" myself in to my Power Source? if I stay "connected" through prayer and Bible reading day after day, I wouldn't run out and would be able to stand the trials and tests God sends my way..I would have the strength to live day by day.

So Belle and I are operating under a love/hate relationship..but I believe I could learn a few things from her if I am willing to...

Feel free to laugh and roll your eyes at Belle and I ;) but we are still running!


  1. Go to Canadian tire, spend a 100 dollars and get Belle a new battery. You're relationship will improve tremendously! :)