Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What We Are Up to Wednesday

#1. We are up to lesson 130 in school (a couple are on Lesson 132) and finishing up our third round of exams. That leaves us only 40 lessons left!!!!! 🙌

#2. We have been going through the process for my spousal visa and now have a date for my interview!!!! WOOHOO!!! God is amazing!!!!

#3. We do not take many breaks for school as we prefer to get done early and enjoy a longer summer vacation....but the girls have been working very hard and due to a busy schedule here I am going to give them a couple days off after we finish exams this week...😏 (I know!! I am so generous!!)

#4. My husband and I are on day 3 of working out in the gym here with the sergeant 😬 let me say that it is much easier to do hard things with other people there to encourage you and it is very apparent how very nonexistent are my stomach muscles!!! 😳 I am loving my exercise skort that I purchased a while ago from Deborah & Co! sometime I will get a better picture 😜

#5. We are heading up to a high of +21 on Friday!! cannot wait!!!!

Well that's what we are up to this week! How about you?!

See you soon!



  1. Another homeschool Mom here! 😀 I love your blog. 💕 I'm wondering, how do learn violin at your place? Is that a DVD?

    1. hi Alisha! thanks for dropping by :) we do the Jaffe strings course from Abeka...yes it is a DVD!

    2. Good to know. We were just given a violin and I'm not sure where to start, so thank you. We currently do Hoffman Academy videos for piano in our homeschool and love it❣️

  2. Would love to have some spring weather up here! I'm having bad spring fever right about now:( we still have snow... I'm homeschooling my oldest 2 & we have 29 lessons to go!!! Very excited for our summer break!! Love to see new blog posts:) Blessings