Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Still Waiting!

i am still waiting here for internet...sigh!

today is the day so we'll see!

let me tell you...i am really missing Value Village!! seriously going through withdrawals and thrift store shopping here just doesn't cut it! :(

on the other hand though the Lord is good...I know He cares and I know He will provide! we are certainly not lacking but the Lord knows how much we love getting out, the thrill of the finds and the joys of putting together modest modern outfits!!

my beloved winter boots that are now in their ninth year are beginning to show signs of farewell!! :( the zipper split on me when I hauled them out the other day...thankfully I was able to put it back together and continue to wear them but I am now searching for another pair!!!

I like the plaid shirts that are available at Walmart...course I have always been a fan! ;)

hopefully regular blogging will return shortly!


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  1. Praying for you all and the adjustments of moving and coming to a new place, and country!! That the Lord will give you comfort and peace and some places that you can enjoy! Like VV and some good places to just relax and enjoy each other!!