Monday, October 3, 2016

Modest Monday

Hey y'all!

Trying to get this posted while it's still Monday ;) that will be a great accomplishment for this little blog of mine....just trying so hard to get back into the swing of things and find a new order and schedule for our family. We have more responsibilities now and trying to fit them into an already full homeschool day is proving not such an easy task!

This past weekend was our first Founder's Day weekend at the academy and since I was gone both Friday and Saturday, TJ was left to fend for himself. Our oldest stepped up to the plate and tried to be "momma" for 48 hours....all was well and they survived the very first military dinner and ball together.

Sunday was huge since most of the cadets' families were in town and they as well as the faculty members also attended the Sunday morning service. We were very nervous about this but the Lord again showed himself faithful who hath called us who also will enable went well! Praise the Lord!

In keeping with the weekend, I picked out an outfit to support the Academy, choosing a maroon dress and grey sweater.

This is a beautiful dress from Mikarose...I absolutely love the chiffon skirt and the lacy detail on the bodest.

One of my favourite accessories from Claire's.....and these black suede wedges from the thrift store.

I really have been against wedges...I have never liked the looks of them much....but the more I see Princess Kate wearing her famous tan wedges out and about, I kinda crossed over to the other side. Y'all know I love seeing what she's wearing and I absolutely lover her style! I think she is elegant and very modest considering today's trends.....she always dresses appropriately and acts like a lady!

I wish I had grabbed a picture on Sunday but it was a pretty hectic day for us here.....

It feels so good to be writing again!

See you soon!

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