Monday, August 22, 2016

Modest Monday! I said before, there are big things happening on the farm!

we are moving!!!


this time across the border to Indiana.

our beloved farm of dreams is up for's been a grand time here this summer but the Lord has called us on and we are so very excited!

We are entering full time ministry and we cannot wait to serve our Lord down south!

navy blue anchor shirt ~ Old Navy
coral denim skirt~ Jade Mackenzie
necklace~ Walmart

I'll share more about our call and adventures as soon as we are up and running again. This week we will be loading up and heading out. 

See you on the other side!!


  1. I'll keep praying for you all as you adjust to this change. Honestly, the Lord must have big plans for Indiana. You are the third family I know who the Lord has called to Indiana this year.

  2. Oh Happy to hear you are going into full time ministry, but very sorry to see you leave. please send me your address when you can. I sure will miss putting in my request for a special when I am at victory on the long weekend. Will be praying for you. Lots of love and hugs

  3. Loving this times 3! Midwestie at heart...former full time ministry (er)... and a kid that moved A LOT! Wishing you so much peace in the months that lie ahead in preparation for and settling the move.

  4. I started reading your blog and enjoy your modest posts:) I am in Indiana also, What part are you moving to?

    1. We are in the north east corner of Indiana :) welcome to my blog..hope you come back!! ;)