Friday, August 5, 2016

Farmhouse Friday

well another week has slipped by...

this week brought some very exciting things and a totally unexpected trip for my TJ...

when he's gone, we sorta relax and don't "do" days ;) we take a break and anxiously await his return!

remember I said that renos would be slow???.....they are! :)

but...we have a shower!!!!



exciting things arrived in the UPS truck this week!!!!!!!!

SCHOOL BOOKS!!! am I the only one who gets excited about this????!?

now we just have to figure out where to do school because our schoolroom is buried... :)

our garden is growing so well!!! I have tons of green tomatoes, the corn is shoulder high, lettuce is ready to eat, green beans are ready to be picked and little baby cucs are growing so sweetly!! ;)

we thoroughly enjoyed another church picnic this week, next week is our DVBS and who knows what will happen next!!! ;)

thanks for dropping by!!


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