Thursday, July 21, 2016

Farmhouse Friday!

I'd love to start writing more regular posts....

interesting posts that amuse, encourage and keep you coming back for more ;)

most days I find my life pretty mundane, bordering on boring...

but I am blessed with a bit of humour...

and a love affair with dots...(see!) and obsession with taking pictures...

maybe that could be enough? :)

so to start another regular post of the week I am here to introduce Farmhouse Fridays! (original eh?)

I'll try to share some house updates (though these may be slow ;), maybe some good recipes, a little outdoors and just life in general here on the farm!

Our garden, though we did not plant much this year, is growing well and seems very happy. I cannot believe the size of my tomato plants! so excited to grow our own food and absolutely love working in the has become my happy place! and also that one spot I have managed to find where the girls magically disappear for a couple hours ;) afraid I might make them weed a row or two they generally stay away! LOL Next year I plan to plant the whole plot that I have been preparing this year....I will then need their help! muahahahah.

We like to make our own bread and I usually make about 2 batches a week. This recipe is a big one and I get about 6 loaves...

The bathrooms have finally seen a little bit of is the shower in the master bathroom coming along...

and the girls' bathroom... cannot wait to show you the finished rooms!!

So that's life for now!

God Bless!


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  1. Could you post your cornbread recipe! I like recipes that make a lot at a time! Does it freeze well?
    I am enjoying your blog!