Monday, June 6, 2016

Modest Monday!

This was my Sunday outfit yesterday....I don't usually do frills and lace but some part of me is attracted to the older styles like Anne of Green Gables. This skirt reminded me of that and I do like the waist....I guess this style helps me with the gathers, ruffles and lace! ;)

I wore my favourite Mikarose blouse and added a string of pearls...I just love pearls! I think they embody everything that I like. They are simple, quiet, understated yet exude elegance, sophistication and grace!

No picture would be complete without my favourite photobomber!

This is my awkward twirl...I may have to work on this one :) I look a little stiff! ;)

Have a great Monday!

I believe this blog will have a new name this week and I hope to get that post written soon!


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