Monday, May 23, 2016

Modest Monday!

Hello? anyone out there? :)

It's been a while....with moving, our trip to the States, living in our fifth wheel and then moving into our reno farmhouse...this little space of mine has been quiet!

It's so good to be back and I am trying to get back into my routines as much as I can now that we have internet on the farm!! yeah!

My husband and 5 kids have dual citizenship....our youngest was finally able to get hers on our recent trip to the states. It was so perfect how the Lord worked out all the details, but that may have to be  a story for another time! :)

It has sorta been my thing to take a Mother's Day photo with my girls....this time TJ was able to be part of the picture! This was taken at the home we were staying in during the conference in Indiana.

 Some girls and I entertaining ourselves whilst we waited for TJ!;)

This striped dress was on my may remember from a previous blog appeared on Zulilly on sale...these things just make me smile at how much the Lord loves me and cares so much about all the little things :):)

It arrived the day we were leaving for our music ministry trip and I was so happy to take it with me! I would like to wear it with a belt next time though!

I am trying to get back into outfit pictures but it has been difficult with most of our stuff still in boxes and no closets to hang things up or dressers to organize things in. :/ With our farmhouse kinda being ripped apart and so much work to be done we do not want to bring too much stuff in that we will have to work around. We each do have a dresser now and my husband gave me a temporary rod in my closet ;)

This was my rainy Sunday outfit yesterday.

Dress~ Mikarose
Sweater~ Thrifted
Key Necklace~ Claire's

See you soon!


  1. Good to see you again. We missed having you around. :-)

  2. Lovely as always! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)