Friday, May 27, 2016

Feminine Friday!

It's not too late for a Friday post right? :)

better late than never I say!

I managed a couple outfit pics this week amongst our chaos.....this is a typical favourite for me...jean skirt and plaid shirt!

It's been good to have the rain but I must say I am starting to feel soggy and this sun loving girl is missing the hotness ;)

I have finally convinced my citified girlies on the qualities of rainboots... I also think they are pretty cute!

oh yes! what did I just say about the plaid shirts? hahaha...maybe it's just the country life bringing out the plaid! ;) I wore this outfit to Wednesday night church service...

In other news....I loove this boy of mine!!

 This is my new garden plot...hope to get some veggies growing soon!!! cannot wait to get my hands dirty!!

and just to show you we are truly deep in rento...this is my bathroom downstairs! ;)

God Bless!


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  1. wow you look super cute! I will need to try those combinations.