Monday, April 11, 2016

Modest Monday: Wish List

Time marches on...this small phrase seems to be stuck on repeat in my mind these days.

Days to look forward to yet seem so far away always come eventually and pass by.

Time marches is true that in a blink your children will be all grown up. I know it doesn't feel like it when you are in the midst of newborns and toddlers...wiping dirty faces countless times a day...sleepless nights...and constant chaos in the home :) but it's true.

Time marches on.

Time is something you cannot turn back. It only marches one way.

You can't erase it.

You can't start all over.

But everyday you get the chance to start again...though time still is marching on...every day can be a new beginning, a fresh start.

So here I go with a fresh new day and a whole new week of starts! I sure could use them!

Time wasted. Times of sin. Times of failure. Times of discouragement and frustration.

Time marches on.

I want my time to be filled with victory...not wasted or used up in sin.

I don't know how much time I have but I truly desire to use my time for God's glory.

Back to Modest Monday! ;)

I didn't take any pictures of my outfits me they were not that interesting! lol

I thought I would share my current wish list with you instead!

I don't have a grey dress and this one just speaks to my soul! It looks very delicate and gorgeous!

Sorry...I absolutely loove stripes! and navy blue!

This coral dress would be a very fun summer dress....I'm sure it would love a place in my closet ;)

There are also some really cute tops at MisH that are calling my tees and stripe tees with pockets, so very cute!

Too bad that I have a budget to keep ;)

Have a great Monday!



  1. a great way to think of Mondays: "every day can be a new beginning, a fresh start." I like the coral dress too!

    Your neighbor at Monday of Many Blessings.

  2. Heidi, that is a great way to look at life... Each day is a new beginning and a fresh start! We all need a fresh start every now and again! Linking up with you at Monday Musings.

  3. Love your picks! The stripe dresses are my faves!

  4. Hi, where are these dresses from?;I absolutely love the coral one

    1. Neeses dresses....they have some really pretty things! 😉