Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Modest Monday: Tuesday Edition

As you can probably guess by the title...it's Tuesday!!!

Things are pretty much all up in the air over here these days.

Packing, finishing school, writing exams, going over to the new place, demo, shopping for bathroom fixtures, talking house plans, deciding where to put light switches...oh my! It never really occurred to me that I would have to decide where to put light switches, or whether I wanted 3 lights in the bathroom or two and where they would be...on both sides of the window or above or just in the centre of the ceiling...phew! All these little details can be quite complicated and time consuming...and then I change my mind!!! LOL

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous!!! the leaves are coming out, the grass is turning green, the birds are singing...I tell you I just love spring! spring=promises in my book! It's kinda like living in the silver lining!

This is the only picture I was able to get on Sunday....excuse my squinty face!

Both the blouse and the skirt are Mikarose.. The blouse is very comfortable and easy and yet looks so darling. The skirt well it's navy blue and striped, what more is there to say!? ;)

This farmhouse is amazing you guys! I mean if you can look past the demolished walls, ceilings that have been removed, lime green walls and cupboard doors (yuck!) and catch the vision...It's gorgeous!

Shopping for bathroom fixtures, deciding on what to do with the walls and floors has been mostly really fun despite husband who is feeling the time crunch (lol poor guy) but he's amazing and figured out a way to put in my claw foot tub....found a perfect one on kijij and picked it up for me...used his man lift to get it through the upstairs door (that thing was heeeeeeeaaaaaavvvvyyyy)  I tell you he is the greatest!

Shopping for the house has been great fun....especially getting deals! these two beauties were at the thrift store for 19.99$ add my 30% off and I got them both for about 28$ perfect!

The amazing photo ops that are right in my backyard are going to be so much fun...cannot wait to plan some family pics here!

See y'all soon and thanks for dropping by!


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