Monday, April 4, 2016

Modest Monday and Secrets Revealed!

Good Morning world! It's a great day to serve the Lord....the birds are singing, there is a delightful warm wind blowing and everything holds the promise of something more to come. I love spring!

Yesterday was a full day at our church...I opted for a simple comfortable outfit :)

Skirt~ Walmart
Shoes~TOMS via Value Village ;) 
Sweater~Value Village

SECRET! well it has finally happened...after 18 years of being together and working together and praying together...WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST PLACE!

The Lord has certainly blessed us with more than we had hope for! He has given us almost 35 acres in the most perfect spot with a long winding driveway and plenty of trees for this country girl! 

My dream has always been a fixer upper on 40 acres...well this is pretty close! The house is old and tired....but it has beautiful bones and we can't wait to restore her to her glory days! She is oozing old charm with her original hardwood floors, wide baseboards, old wooden doors with glass knobs and old fashioned vents. She has been neglected  and we can't wait to show her some love!

and yes...we now live beside a railroad track! :) it just adds to the charm ;)

I am excited to share this journey with you as we restore this old place...this week the wiring gets an upgrade and a bathroom gets ripped out! fun fun fun! ;) We got possession on Friday April 1st....we will not be moving for another couple of weeks.

Heidi! :)


  1. I am so excited for you and your family! A place of your own by the grace of God, children oozing with excitement by the photo and sign! And I love the sweater from Value Village. Visiting from Monday of Many Blessings. I feel blessed to be sharing in your new home. : ) I remember that day when my dear husband finished building our home.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. Aaahhh! So very excited for you!! Enjoy the renos! Can't wait to see pics of the progress. Before and after blog posts, maybe? :)

  3. That's so amazing!!! I know at least a little bit of that excitement you are feeling! Just last month, the Lord allowed Tim and I to buy land here in Papua New Guinea, and this is our first place of our own, and we will have been married 4 years this month!!! Only we have to clear all the land and then build new!!! Not easy when your biggest tools we have are spades, machetes, and chainsaw!!
    Anyways, I'm so very excited for you!!!!