Friday, April 1, 2016

Fashion Friday

Well...the modest March challenge is officially over and done with! It has been great fun :) There were only a couple days that I was not in the mood for...I don't generally wear too many ruffles LOL!

Day 19: STRIPES!

Day:20 Styling shoes was a Sunday that I already shared on Modest Monday so we will skip it here :)

Day:21 Below the Knee skirt

Day 22:Long-time favourite- this skirt of course! ;)

Day 23:Lip colour! awkward pic of the day!

Day 24: Ruffles....the colour of this blouse is ruffled!

Day 25: plenty of polka dots

Day 26: Saturday Surprise

Day 27: Easter was Sunday which I already shared on Modest Monday!

Day 28:Scarf

Day 29: Pop of Purple

Day 30: Spring is here!

Day 31: Pearls are Feminine!

eXCITING news to share coming up!



  1. Great job staying with it and a great variety.

  2. I just want to know what the exciting news is!!!!!