Friday, April 8, 2016

Dreams, Fears and Confessions

Life is a bit of a whirlwind these days....that's a fun thing for the most part.

For the other part, I waver between "what are we doing?" and "how can I help?"  :)

My dream has been a fixer upper on 40 acres.....a fixer upper on 35 is pretty close (thank-you Lord!!!)  It still amazes me to look back over the last couple weeks and see how God brought all this about and opened seemingly impossible doors in a week!! Yes...we randomly saw this property on the way home from church, sent off an email to a friend, ending up seeing it the next day and found out we would have to put an offer in that very night if we really wanted a chance!!! When we looked at it we really did not intend on making an least not that very night!!! and then to have our offer accepted the next morning AND the closing date was 2 weeks away which meant our mortgage and insurance had to be through in one week!!!! oh my!! We jumped through hoops and miracles happened every single day all week long....God is amazing!!!

When we say fixer upper....we mean fixer upper!! This place was built in 1947 and still contained tube and knob wiring. This was/is our first order of business. All week TJ has been at the place with a friend from church ripping walls, running wire, and updating the electrical in the entire house!

this guy can do anything!!! he's the best....I'm so lucky!!
The bathrooms are in pretty rough shape also....and the plumbing is a bit wacky (think duct tape and caulking!) but TJ is on it! One is getting ripped out entirely, another is to be redone and another is to be added in the master.

Needless to say this project will take us many years to we will only continue when we have the money to do so. Right now we are just trying to get it liveable...LOL!

The other thing is that this property has a smaller second place that we plan on renovating and then renting out to help us financially....this house will be the next project to be done after we move in. This money will help us out so that we will be able to do more renovations on our place.

My dreams are full of farmhouse sinks, concrete countertops, white subway tile, butcher block islands, refinished hardwood floors, paint colours and whitewashed fireplaces. Then I wonder if plowing it all under wouldn't be the best way to go!

I do know that where God leads, He always goes before...

Meanwhile our rental has to be prepared, shown, and rented out....TJ is the property manager and so that falls on us to take care of.

The kiddos and I are trying to finish up school which means double days for most of us....we are looking at finishing up next week. Then we have to finish packing and move, clean and do all repairs in the rental....and leave for Indiana the first week of May!! :)))

Fashion will have to take a back seat here for a bit....I will try to keep with Modest Mondays as I know I won't be wearing my rubber boots, hoodies, and jean skirts to church! ;)

Despite my misgivings at times and sudden feelings of being overwhelmed...God is good! God is amazing! God is loving! and I know God cares for me because I can feel it!!

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  1. I am so excited for you. I would say I'm jealous because that would be my dream too but I'm just thankful to see the Lord give you the desires of your heart. I'll be praying for you in these busy weeks ahead.